The Unitary Patent Map

November 11, 2017

This interactive map gives an overview of the countries participating in the Unitary Patent, the countries that have ratified the UPC Agreement and the likely locations of the Unified Patent Courts.

Countries in green on the map have ratified the agreement and show the date when this was done. Countries in orange have signed for participation, but ratification is still to take place. The black dots show the intended locations of the Unified Patent Court.


In 2013, 25 out of 28 EU member states signed for participation in the Unitary Patent system.The ratification process of the treaty is a more gradual matter. Austria was the first to ratify in that year. Ever since, the number of countries that have ratified is steadily increasing.

When 13 countries, amongst which at least Germany, France and England, have ratified the treaty it can go into effect within these countries. Even though the target number of countries was reached when Estonia signed on the 1st of August 2017, the wait is for the United Kingdom and Germany to ratify the agreement.