Scottish Parliament paves way for Unitary Patent

November 7, 2017

The Scottish Parliament has unanimously approved an Order that paves the way for the ratification of the UPC Agreement.

The Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee already gave the green light on the Order late September. The Parliaments approval on the 25th of October was the last step required to bring the protocol on Immunities and Privileges (of the Unified Patent Court) into effect.

The protocol is necessary to give the Unified Patent Court the necessary privileges and immunities, such as protection from lawsuits for its judges and staff, special tax arrangements and the protection of the court’s documents and assets. The approval of the Order is additionally required to allow the United Kingdom to, in the future, ratify the UPC Agreement.

Earlier this month, the members of Parliament in Westminster have appointed the members of the committee that is to judge London’s version of the protocol on privileges and immunities. Even though it is not certain yet when the committee will first meet, Great Britain seems to steadily push forward, heading towards the UPC Agreement.

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