Presidency of the EU publishes status update Unitary Patent

November 24, 2017

The Presidency of the European Union has published a summary of the current status of the ratification of the Unified Patent Court Agreement.

In the summary the ratification of the 25 participating member states are given. As of now, fourteen countries have ratified the agreement, with Lithuania being the latest.

This means that the necessary threshold of thirteen ratifications has been reached. Part of these thirteen, however, have to be Germany, the UK, and France. Of these, only the last has ratified.

The ratification of the UK has been delayed by the unexpected Brexit, though the country seems to be heading forwards with the necessary procedures. The situation in Germany has been brought to halt due to a pending complaint in front of the German Constitutional Court.

‘Provide information’
The Presidency of the EU has provided a matrix giving the status of all member states regarding each step necessary for ratification. Before ratification, countries need to accept the Protocol on Provisional Application (PPA) and the Protocol on Privileges and Immunities (PPI) of the Unified Patent Court, protocols necessary to start the final steps towards opening the Unitary Patent Court.

Countries who have not yet ratified the agreement or accepted the PPA and PPI, but might do so in the near future, are invited by the Presidency to provide information and an update on their status.

More information? Check out The Unitary Patent Map
This interactive map gives an overview of the countries participating in the Unitary Patent, the countries that have ratified the UPC Agreement and the likely locations of the Unified Patent Courts.

Countries in green on the map have ratified the agreement and show the date when this was done. Countries in orange have signed for participation, but ratification is still to take place. The black dots show the intended locations of the Unified Patent Court.

Click on the countries to find more information.