IP Federation and The Law Society urge ratification UPC Agreement

March 6, 2018

Both the president of the IP Federation and The Law Society have written to Sam Gyimah MP (minister for intellectual property) to urge the government to ratify the UPC Agreement.

Joe Egan, president of The Law Society, and James Horgan, president of the IP Federation (representing the IP interests of numerous UK companies), want the Agreement to be ratified before the EU Summit of the 23rd of March, they write in separate letters addressed to Gyimah.

A later ratification would mean running the risk that other EU member states will implement the UPC without it, Egan writes in the Law Society Gazette. He emphasizes the importance of the life sciences and chemistry branch of the UPC Court that London is to host if part of the UPC Agreement.

A ratification before the summit will ‘enable negotiations to commence rapidly to secure the legal basis on which the UK can stay in the Unified Patent Court, and if possible in the Unitary Patent also, after Brexit for the long term’ Horgan writes.

The UK’s Privy Council approved the draft Order on Privileges and Immunities of the Unified Patent Court on the 8th of February, meaning that the UK has all legislation ready to ratify the UPC Agreement.