Germany may delay ratification even further

August 29, 2017

Germany’s ratification of the UP agreement may take even longer than expected now that sources claim Germany has put a stop to hiring German judges for the Unified Patent Court.

Germany is, together with Great Britain, currently responsible for the delay of the implementation of the Unitary Patent agreement. In June earlier this year the ratification process was put to a stop in Germany pending a court case deciding whether the Unitary Patent is in fact constitutional.

An unknown, private individual has stepped to court claiming the UP and UPC might be in violation of the German constitution, and found willing ears.

Now the delay seems to extend even further, as sources have stated to European Biotechnology that Germany has stopped the hiring of German judges for the UPC. Germany is supposed to host a department of the UPC in Munich, which will focus on mechanical engineering.

If Germany has in fact stopped hiring judges, this is an indication of the delay being even more serious, and longer lasting, than initially assumed.